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The present apartment rental is agreed to under the following terms and conditions:

1. Security Deposit

The customer is required to provide a refundable security deposit. The owner will be entitled to retain the deposit after check out if any of the following issues are discovered: property damage, lack of valuables or any other conditions in the contract that were not respected. The owner retains his right to claim compensation greater than the deposit paid if the original security deposit amount did not cover the damage caused.

2. Duration, withdrawal and termination

2.1 The duration of this contact is indicated by the terms check in - check out on page 1 of this contract.
2.2 For stays between 1 and 14 nights, the initial payment is fully refundable if communicated 5 days or more before the check in date. Outside this period, the rent is non-refundable.
2.3 For stays longer than 14 nights, the initial payment is fully refundable if we are notified 60 days in advance of the date of check in. If the cancellation is notified between 60 and 30 days before the date of check in, 50% of the rent is due. First rent is due and is non-refundable for communications that took place outside of the determined period.
2.4 For termination of every reservation over 30 days the terms of the Italian contract signed at check in will apply: termination notice will then vary from 2 to 6 months.

2.5 For reservations over 10 months the agency fee and the 1st month rental are not refundable in case of cancellation before arrival. In general a six months’ notice is required when terminating a contract/lease early in order to avoid losing any of your prepaid security deposit.

3. Customer Obligations

3.1. The customer has the obligation to communicate to the owner the number of people that will stay the apartment. Non-disclosure of such information will result in a penalty equal to 30% of the total price for the property.
3.2. The Customer accepts that he will treat the property with care during his stay and will refrain from any actions that might damage the property and/or cause damage to its appearance, additional property within the structure or anything else contained therein. The Customer also agrees not to cause any noise or disturbance, which would in any way disturb the residents in neighboring properties.
3.3. The Customer also agrees to return the keys to the property at check out in a way that will be agreed with the owner or his representatives.
3.4. The customer agrees not to reproduce and/or give the keys of the property to third parties. Loss of keys will entail compensation of the cost of new locks and of 4 new sets of keys.
3.5. The Customer agrees to take the necessary security measures to prevent access to the property to unauthorized people for the duration of his stay. It is understood that if the customer does not comply with this requirement, the owner will hold him liable for any damages caused to the property and/or the items it contains.
3.6. The Customer agrees not to sublet the apartment to anyone.
3.7. Guests should advise of any damages or issues present in the apartment within 24 hours of check in.

Unless otherwise agreed at the time of booking, all guests staying for 8 days or more are obliged to pay the utilities (water, electricity and gas) at the end of their stay. Meters will be checked with the customer during the check in and again at check out. Payment must be made in cash or by credit card.
For Reservations over 30 Nights Ordinary Maintenance is the responsibility of the Guest: This includes matters such as replacement of consumables such as light bulbs, cleaning of showers & drains, toilet blockages and similar issues.
Apartments Florence can assist with coordinating maintenance interventions – and can refer you to third party specialized tradespeople (plumbers, electricians etc).
Maintenance Call outs attended by Apartments Florence will be charged at €60 (+ V.A.T.) plus any costs related to repairs including replacement parts and materials.

4. Right of access to the property

The owner and/or third parties appointed by the owner, identifiable upon request by the customer, may have access to the property to carry out repairs and/or maintenance, if necessary. In an emergency the customer will be contacted via email and/or SMS. If we have a potential future client interested in the same property, the owner or his/her representative will contact the client currently in the property with a request for the best date and time for the visit.

5. Pets

Unless expressly authorized in writing by the owner, the customer is not allowed to have pets of any kind in the property. With the permission of the owner, pets are accepted with an increase of 100 % of the deposit and a final cleaning price adjusted and agreed upon at the time of the booking.

6. Suspension of utilities and services

The owner or agent will not be liable for any suspensions/interruptions of services provided by third parties (such as providing electricity, gas, water and others) that are beyond their control.

7. Penalties and additional costs

7.1 Guests are responsible for the furniture and items in the apartment.
The furniture included with the apartment cannot be moved and/or removed from one room to another, from one apartment to another and cannot be placed in public places.
7.2 In case of any errors during the booking process, as the number of guests, you may incur an additional cost. In case the client is moved to another apartment, missing items and needed replacement of furniture will be charged to the guest. Unless expressly authorized, the client cannot put his own furniture in the apartment during his stay. Any costs incurred due to removal of the client’s furniture left in the apartment, will be charged to the guest. Damage due to displacement of furniture and other items (example: damage to the floors, doors) will be charged to the guest.
If the host becomes aware of a damaged or broken furniture, he/she must give a written notice within 48 hours after check in.

8. Clause of termination by operation of law

The rent or any other charges may not be suspended or delayed by claims or exceptions of the tenant, whatever the cause. Failure to pay on time, for any reason will result in a notice of default towards the tenant, according to of Art . 5:55 , L. July 27, 1978 , 392.

9. Theft / damages

The owner/manager will not be liable to the Client for any theft. The owner is not liable for any damage to the guests regarding their property. Travel insurance is recommended for travellers who would like to protect their assets in a safer manner.

10. Modification of contract

After arrival, the contract may only be amended in a written form.

11. Use of Personal Data

The Customer authorizes the owner to communicate his personal data to the police for legal obligation (dated 31 December 1996, n.675).

12. Legal clause

As specified in paragraph 4 of paragraph 8.3 of Circular no. 26 / E of June 1, 2011 of the Revenue, in reference to Article 3 of the Legislative Decree 14/03/2011 n. 23, for the period of this contract, unless revoked in writing at any time, the owner declares his utilization of the system called "Cedolare Secca", remaining therefore exempt from the obligation to send the tenant the required notification by registered letter and the obligation to pay the registration and stamp duty relating to this contract.


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