You know it can be difficult to find free wi-fi areas while traveling in Italy.
That's why we offer our guests a very special (and rare) feature: you can take advantage of our wi-fi network all around the city!


We take pride in not being just an online portal. We take care of you every step of the way: from choosing the right apartment to providing you with information, assistance and customized services for you to enjoy a unique Florentine experience.

Almost all our 350+ apartments in the Florence city center are connected to the Internet. Every router is named "apartmentsflorence" and the password is always the same! - We will reveal it at the moment of check-in ;-)

While walking around the city, you can connect automatically whenever you find an "apartmentsflorence" connection close to one of our apartments. With 350+ apartments, you’ll find lots of opportunities literally around the corner! It will be like having a Free Wi-Fi area all over Florence...

Enjoy Florence and stay connected to us! *Subject to Availability

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