When arriving in Florence we will welcome you, hand you the keys of the apartment, provide all the necessary information about your rental & the city and advise about the check-out procedures.

In some apartments, however, the welcoming at check in and the check-out is managed directly by the owner (named OWNER TAKES CARE OF YOU properties). Contact us with your estimated time of arrival in Florence, as soon as you know, so that we can provide you specific information for your check in.

We are always able to accommodate your schedule at check in and check out, but there will be a minimum fee (to be paid in cash) applied to arrivals/departures outside the standard hours, as noted below.
- Standard hours:
Monday to Friday - From 3pm to 7pm
Saturday and Sunday - From 3pm to 7pm
- Hours subject to fees:
Monday to Friday - From 7pm to 9pm: 20EUR / From 9pm to 12am: 40EUR
Saturday and Sunday - From 5pm to 9pm: 20EUR / From 9pm to 12am: 40EUR
Arrivals after midnight will have a minimum charge of 60EUR

- We do not head to the apartment without the arrival confirmation phone call.
- The check in phone number for WE TAKE CARE OF YOU apartments is written on the bottom of the contract.
- If the OWNER TAKES CARE of your check in we will provide you via email, before your arrival (when you send us the estimated time of arrival), the phone number to call for check in.
- Check ins before 3pm might be suitable to a short waiting if the cleaning staff has not finished the service yet. However, luggage can be accommodated accordingly.
- If the estimated time of arrival is not respected and/or if the client does not give us an estimated time of arrival, we will do our best to meet the client as soon as we have a schedule for it.
- If you haven't already sent via email, it is essential that you bring a photocopy of the passport for each guest (above 3 years old) at check in.
- the security deposit requested will be taken as a pre-authorization on the client’s credit card, at check in, and canceled at check out – according to clause 1 of Terms and Conditions.
- If payment (of booking fee and/or total rent) is done by credit card, the holder of the credit card must be present at check in, on the delivery of the keys, to sign the credit card receipts.
- We will only hand the keys of the property to the holder of the contract at check in. If the person checking in is different than the holder we will only hand the keys of the property if the holder has sent us the contract signed via email, at least 3 days before arrival.

- It is important that the apartment is vacated at 10.30am - as our cleaning staff has to step in and prepare it for the upcoming guests.
- In case of departures before the standard hours, it’s possible to have the check-out process done on the day before.
- If we have guests coming to the apartment on the same day as your departure, you can leave the luggage at the Santa Maria Novella train station, which has a storage room working from 6am to 11pm, everyday: 5-euro fee for a 5-hour period. If it’s during week days you can also leave in our office, from 9am till 7pm. Free of charge.

How to make the phone call upon arrival
If you don’t have a cell phone with active roaming, you can ask the taxi driver to make the call or use a public phone to let us know you have arrived and are heading to the apartment.

How to reach the apartment
You can either take a taxi, which can be found just outside the airport (and will cost around 25 euros), or you can take the bus to the central station (Santa Maria Novella), which costs 6 euros per person. Once can find the bus stop right next to where all the taxis are parked outside the airport. Click on this link for more info.

FROM SANTA MARIA NOVELLA STATION (main train station in Florence)
We suggest taking a taxi to the apartment. Simply give the apartment’s address to the driver. You can also walk or take the bus.
If you decide to walk to the apartment or take the bus, please, let us know you will be doing so when you call us at your arrival. Keep in mind that Florence has a relatively small city center, but the streets in the old town can be narrow, with uncommon names for non-Italians and often irregular with small sidewalks, which do not help those that just arrived with luggage and wish to find an apartment’s address in this maze of roads. If you are to take the bus consult Ataf’s website If you wish to walk Google maps might help you

If you are coming to Florence by car, make sure to be well informed about rules and restrictions on driving downtown Florence. The city center is a restricted traffic area (ZTL - Limited Traffic Zone) controlled by video cameras. Please read our Parking and Driving section on our website for more detailed information.
We will not be responsible for the costs of parking or the fines implied by driving/parking in the city center.

You can take the train or the bus to Santa Maria Novella station in Florence. It will take around one hour to on hour and a half.
For train timetables from Pisa airport consult
For buses check

FROM ROME, VENICE, MILAN and other cities
Check Italy’s main train companies for timetables and prices.

Ask our Concierge for a quotation for a private driver (English speaker) to pick up you and/or your party upon your arrival.

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