At a glance, the simplicity of Tuscan cuisine might look in contrast with the rich history of its Region, characterised by magnificent courts where arts and conviviality were the cornerstone of social life. Yet, even though it is based on simple foods, Tuscan cuisine is characterised by genuine and intense flavours, which reflect the jolly character of Tuscany's people. Florence is full of high-qaulity taverns and restaurants that often propose dishes and desserts faithful to the real Tuscan tradition.

La pentola dell'oro

This restaurant is located in the ancient neighbourhood of Santa Croce, not far from the Church of Sant'Ambrogio and its traditional market. The kitchen, directed by chef Alessi, offers you dishes from the Medieval and Renaissance tradition. The ambiance is simple but particular attention was given to details and the quality/price ratio is excellent. If you are not sure about what to order, the chef is always happy to explain in detail his recipes.

Average price: 30€
Cuisine: traditional
Ambiance: Informal
Address: Via di Mezzo, 24 , 50121 Firenze
Tel. +39 055 241808

Ciro & Sons

As the name says, Ciro & Sons is family-owned restaurant: Ciro manages it together with his wife Palma and his four sons Antonio, Vincenzo, Salvatore and Giuseppe – as well as with his nephews Gennaro and Ciro Junior. Haute cuisine is passion that has been handed down across generations in the Urbano family, originally from Naples. The restaurant's familiar character, however, is accompanied by the elegance of the venue, located in a XVII-century building in the very heart of Florence that once belonged to the noble Aldobrandini family. Staff offer typical dishes from the Mediterranean tradition and of course the “real pizza from Naples”.

Average price: 25€
Cuisine: Mediterranean
Ambiance: elegant
Address: Via del Giglio 26/28r, 50123 Firenze
Tel. 055-289694

I 13 Gobbi

Located in the city centre, between the Arno river and the square of Santa Maria Novella, this Italian 'trattoria' belongs to a group of sever restaurants reunited under the brand of 'Casa Trattoria'. This is not a chain but rather a group of independent restaurants that aim at safeguard and promote Tuscany's culinary tradition.
Hosted by a historical building and characterised by a homely ambiance, I 13 Gobbi offers you recipes from the real Tuscan tradition, followed with the utmost rigor. The have several excellent ham types – some of which are less known but of fine quality – but their specialty definitely is the Fiorentina steak.

Average price: 40€
Ambiance: elegant
Address: Via del Porcellana 9 Rosso 50123 Firenze
Tel. 055-284015

Perseus Fiesolano

One of the most famous venues in Florence, Perseus is perched on the suggestive hill of Fiesole, from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view. Very close to the archeological area and National Museum, the restaurant is hosted by an ancient historical building and overlooks Piazza Mino, Fiesole's main square. On the second floor you will find the old inn's rooms – still at the guests' disposal – where Giuseppe Garibaldi stayed while he was conquering Italy to unite it during the Italian Risorgimento. Perseus also belongs to the “Casa Trattoria” group.

Average price: 30€
Ambiance: country
Address: Piazza Mino 9R 50014 Fiesole (Firenze)
Tel. 055-59143


Locared in the San Frediano neighbourhood and quite close to the beatiful Church of Santo Spirito, Diladdarno – literally: on the other side of the Arno – is a small family-run 'trattoria'. The inner court is perfect to escape the heat on summer nights and have a tasteful dinner at accessible prices. The kitchen offers dishes from the Tuscan tradition, creatively reinterpreted: try the excellent red-wine ravioli, the typical 'ribollita' or the pasta with special pesto made from courgette flowers. Above all, do not miss the desserts: chef Saverio is specialised in desserts and periodically revisits the menu, adding new surprises that you will not find elsewhere.

Average price: 25€
Cuisine: traditional
Ambiance: traditional
Address: Via de' Serragli, 108 rosso 50125 Firenze
Tel. 055-225001

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