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What Is The Process of Booking One Of The Apartments?

Once all your questions have been answered, and you are ready to proceed with the reservation, we will ask you to pay a booking fee to reserve your apartment, via credit card/PayPal.

Once we have received the booking fee, we will send you a receipt for the payment, a contract for your stay in the apartment and any additional information you will need to meet us in Florence!
The outstanding balance is due anytime before arrival via paypal, credit card or bank transfer (at least a week before arrival) or credit card at check in. A security deposit is also due at check in (the amount is quoted at the moment of confirmation and can vary depending on the apartment and length of stay).

If your stay is longer than one month, the Italian law requires you to obtain a Codice Fiscale (an Italian identification code) and to sign an Italian contract. This will be done at your check in.

How is the booking fee calculated?

The booking fee is calculated as a variable amount (depending on the apartment) between 20% and 50% of the total rent amount. It includes:
- Guarantee of the standard of quality for the published properties.
- Guarantee of the accuracy of all information published by the owners regarding each property.
- 24/7 onsite support for any potential problems with the rental or use of the property.
- Support in managing the relationships between the tenant and the owner of the property.
- Provision of a secure and easy payment system.
- Provision of bed linens and towels.
- Informative check in service, both information about the specific property and Florence in general.

Where do I get my Codice Fiscale?

Don’t worry. It’s quite simple. All the necessary information and documentation will be provided to you via email once you book with us (for a long term lease = 30+ nights). You can either do after it by yourself (with our detailed instructions) or we can arrange for it to be done for an extra fee.

Is it possible to view an apartment prior to selecting it?

We would be happy to arrange a showing for any/all apartments for rental periods of 30 nights or more. We work very hard to ensure all posted pictures of our apartments are recent, up to date and accurately reflect the apartment in question so unfortunately if your stay is less than 1 months, the apartment would need to be picked based on the pictures we provide.

Can I bring my pet?

Some of our apartments are pet friendly; some are not. Please always mention you are bringing your lovely pet and wait for our ok before confirming the booking. As stated in Terms and Conditions, clause 6.1. "Unless expressly authorized in writing by the owner, the Client shall not be allowed to have pets of any kind in the Property".
If you receive approval to bring a pet, an extra fee will be applied. Please contact our sales team should you have any questions.

Read our Pet Policy here:

In Case I Need to Cancel a Confirmed Reservation, Will I Lose My Down Payment/ Deposit?

If you must cancel your reservation, we may refund a percentage of the total amount you paid according to the following terms and conditions:

For stays up to 14 nights:
If you cancel more than 5 days before check-in, the amount paid is fully refundable;
If you cancel within 5 days of check-in, the amount paid is non-refundable;

For stays longer than 14 nights:
If you cancel more than 60 days before check-in, the amount paid is fully refundable;
If you cancel from 30 to 60 days before check-in: 50% of the rent is due.
First rent is due and is non-refundable for communications that took place outside of the determined period.

In case of cancellation after the arrival date on the contract, the Client will lose the entire amount of rent (and the security deposit in cases where the notice period of the contract is not respected).
Changes to the arrival and departure dates are always accepted if the property is still available for the new dates. No additional costs (aside from differences in the nightly rate) will be incurred if desired changes are communicated 60 days before the arrival.

If I Need To Terminate My Contract/Lease Early, How Much Notice Is Required To Avoid Penalties?

We require a minimum of two month’s notice when terminating a contract/lease early in order to avoid any loss of prepaid down payment and security deposit.
For every reservation over 30 days the terms of the Italian contract signed at check in will apply: notice will then vary from 2 to 6 months.

What Is A "Starting From" Price?

A starting price is based on low season or a long term rental; please insert your dates in the search page and run a simulation for an up-to-date price for your period of stay.

Are The Listed Rental Prices Negotiable Or Final? Is It Possible To Get A Discount?

The online prices are constantly reviewed by our revenue manager and the price you see online, or the price given by our sales team, is the final price. However, for some specific apartments, depending on the length of the stay and month of the year, we could have some flexibility. The final word will always be given by our sales team. You are free to send us an inquiry if you have a specific request.

Are Bills Included In My Rental? Why Do The Daily Prices Differ?

Our calculation for the daily prices will differ from apartment to apartment, obviously. But not only. When you rent for a short term (7 or less nights) the daily price will include your usage of the utilities (gas, water and electricity). Whereas when you rent for 8 or more nights we will charge you such bills separately, at check out. Plus, the longer your stay the lower the nightly rate is, with prices varying based on the varying length of stay:
1 night to 4 nights
5 nights to 7 nights
8 nights to 19 nights
20 nights to 1 month
1 month to 3 months
3 months or longer
Some specific apartments, however, do not follow this graphic exactly.

How Much Will I Spend on Utilities During My Stay?

It will depend on how long your stay is, how many guests you have, how big is the apartment, how cold (or hot) it is outside and how well you manage these expenses (water, gas and electricity).
Just so you have an idea, an apartment for 4 people in Italy averages somewhere around 250-300 Euro of utility bills per month.

Will I Be Charged Any Additional Costs Apart From The Rent?

The rental price quoted up front is the price you pay. All rental prices shown online and/or given by our sales team, include the usage of utilities when the length of stay is 7 days or less.
For stays of 8 days or more, the rental price never includes utilities (electricity, water or gas expenses) and you will be charged for these separately. It’s important to remember, though, that the security deposit will be taken at check in and given back after check out, barring any damages to the property.
Extra services can be requested at an additional cost.

What Is The Security Deposit? How Do I Pay It? Is It Refundable?

The security deposit is taken to cover any potential damages that may occur during your stay. The amount depends on the apartment and the length of your stay. If your stay is up to 20 days it is taken as a pre-authorization on a credit card, otherwise it is taken as a real payment.

We do a thorough check of the apartments after each departure. If we do find damage, we’ll get in touch immediately. With everything in order, the pre-authorization is released or the transaction is refunded.

Please note that a pre authorization won't show up as a refund on your statement, since in those cases there is no real payment taken. The block on your credit card which was places there at check in will automatically expire in due time. This can take up to 30 days depending on your merchant bank.

What Is A Pre-Authorization?

A pre-authorization is a temporary hold of a specific amount on a credit/debit card.
The pre-authorization is not a charge and no funds are actually debited. It expires automatically around 20 days after it is taken, assuming there are no damages in the apartment.

What Happens if I Break Anything During My Stay at the Apartment?

If anything in your rental apartment is damaged or broken during your stay, you would be responsible for replacements and/or repairs - and this would normally come out of your security deposit. This is, of course, within reason and refers more to furniture and appliances (valuable things). If you break something small (ex: place, glass) we won’t charge you. But please, do tell us at check out so that we can replace in time for upcoming guests.

Can I Move The Furniture In My Apartment?

Guest are responsible for furniture.
Furniture provided with the apartment may not be moved (from/to) or removed from any room, other apartments, or common areas (unless written authorization by Apartments Florence staff is given). Guests are charged for the replacement of any furniture that is moved, removed or damaged. Apartments Florence will charge guests for removal of any non-Apartments Florence furniture that is left in a room, apartment, or common area at the end of the rental. Damages (ex: floor) due to the moving of furniture will be charged to the client.
If any furniture is damaged, guests should report it within 48h to Apartments Florence staff.

When I Arrive in Florence How And Where Can I Collect My Keys?

Based on your anticipated arrival time we can work out an approximate meeting time in advance, but due to ever-changing flight and travel schedules we will provide you with the contact number to call upon your arrival in Florence.
We kindly ask you to call this number when you are approaching/arrive in Florence. We will meet you outside your apartment shortly after your call. One of our representatives* will meet you at the apartment, provide you with the keys, show you around the apartment and ensure you are settled and have everything you may need.
*In some cases the owner of the apartment (or his/her representative) will do the greetings.

Can We Check In/Out Early In The Morning Or Late at Night?

We'll meet you at the home at your convenience any time after 3pm on your arrival date. Our standard check-out time is 10:30am. Early check-in and late check-out can be arranged in advance with our staff, subject to availability and a potential charge. When it comes to reservations up to 7 nights or less, checking out is simple – you'll have instructions on locking up and safely deposing of the keys (you don't need to meet anyone from our team) and we'll arrive later in the day to clean and prepare for the homeowner's return or a future client. If your stay is for over 8 nights one of our check-in representative will meet you at the apartment at 10:30am (unless you have an earlier departure and we can arrange another time/day before) to do the utilities reading and complete the check out procedure.

Standard time: Monday - Friday 15:00-19:00 | Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holidays 15:00-19:00
**We generally allow check in anytime after 11:00 but please note we cannot guarantee the apartment will be cleaned until 15:00
Outside of these hours: 19:00 -21:00 20 EURO | 21:00-24:00 40 EURO| 24:00- 9:00 (of the day after) 60 EURO

Check out time is 10:30.
Based on availability we can try to accommodate late check outs. Please ask at the time of making your reservation. An additional fee may occur.

1. Late check-out until 13.00 - The fee to pay is 50% of the daily rate. This entitles you to stay in the apartment until 13:00 of that day.

2. Late check-out after 13.00 - If you would like to stay after 13:00 of that day you will have to pay the full daily rate, this entitles you to stay in the apartment anytime up to 10:30 am the following day!

Can We Store Our Luggage With You Before Check-In Or After Check-Out?

Yes you are welcome to store your luggage with us!


Up to 1 day, drop off after 9.00.
• Pick up Monday – Friday before 19.00 FREE
• Pick up Monday – Friday 19.00 – 21.00 by prior appointment only 20 Euro
• Pick up Monday – Friday 21.00 - midnight by prior appointment only 40 Euro
• Pick up Monday – Friday after midnight by prior appointment only 60 Euro

Up to 1 day Saturday or Sunday, by prior appointment only
• Drop off after 10.30 and pick up before 18.30


• Up to 6 months 15 Euro per item of luggage
• Up to 1 year 30 Euro per item of luggage

Free collection during office hours. Outside of office hours, please see rates above.

Please lock all luggage and do not leave valuables in the luggage, we can only be responsible for locked luggage up to the value of the storage fee paid.

You can also leave your luggage at Santa Maria Novella train station, which has a storage room working from 6am to 11pm, everyday.

Can You Provide Any Documentation That I Can Use For My VISA?

As soon as your reservation is confirmed, we can send you the rental confirmation contract (in English). With this document you can apply for your visa.

We Are Traveling With Children. Can You Provide A Stroller, High Chair And/Or Other Specific Items?

Absolutely. We like to do our best to make our youngest guests feel comfortable. Please be sure to ask one of our representatives about this, and specify these needs during booking. Extra fees may apply.

Will I Need To Pack My Own Hairdryer And/Or Clothing Iron And Will These Work In Italy?

Most of our rental apartments include an iron, ironing board and hairdryer. However, double check this with one of our representatives to ensure they are included in the apartment you chose, and ready for you upon arrival.
For any non-European appliances you wish to bring to the apartment you will need European AC adaptors for 220 volts. You can purchase European adaptors prior to arrival in Italy at Best Buy, Radio Shack (or similar retailers) and in most airports. Once you are here you can also find those at local shops and supermarkets.

Are Your Rental Apartments Centrally Located And/ Or Close To Public Transportation?

They are! Most of our apartments are located in central Florence (centro storico) and within walking distance of most of Florence’s major attractions and sites. There are a few apartments which require short bus rides into the center, but public transportation is very easily accessible, and we would be happy to assist you with anything you may need related this travel!

Are The Neighborhoods Around My Apartment Safe?

Yes! Florence in general is a very safe city and our rental properties are all located among the safest neighborhoods. You should feel comfortable walking around at night without a problem.

Electricity and Heating

All homes in Italy have a limit on the amount of power (3 KW). Using too many electric appliances at the same time will cause a power outage (we will show you at check in what to do in these cases).
Italian Rules state that heating in private homes can only be switched on for a certain period of the year (specifically established each year) and only for a certain amount of hours each day. We'll provide you with this important information – please be aware that homeowners face penalties for exceeding the regulations.

Are All Apartments Strictly Tourist Apartments Or Is It Possible To Obtain Long Term Contracts?

This varies based on the apartment in question. Some of our apartments are available for residency but please ask one of our representatives if this is something you may be interested in.

Is It Safe To Make My Payments Online With Apartments Florence?

Yes, it is. We use the most advanced system for you to shop online with us safely. When making the payment you will see (on the address bar) the letters https, meaning you are in a safe web environment and there is no risks of third parties having access to your data. Just be sure you are shopping with us directly ( and not with another website with a similar web address.
You should receive an email from us immediately after the payment is confirmed and we will follow up the confirmation process with further communication about your arrival and all the necessary help you need to have a wonderful time in our city.

What If I Don’t Like The Furniture In The Apartment And Want To Buy A New Piece?

You can do so. However, always consult us before doing so. We cannot guarantee the possibility of keeping the replaced furniture in our storage and fees may apply. Above all, no refund whatsoever will be given to the client who desires to improve the apartment on his/her own.

What Is The City Tax?

On 1 July 2011 the City Council of Florence implemented a resolution No. 230/33 of 06.20.2011, No. 21/2012, which established the “'tourist tax”.
The tax is applied to non-residents for overnight stays in the city of Florence for a maximum of 7 consecutive nights. The tax is €2.50 per person per night.

The city tax is not collected from:
a) children up to twelve years old
b) people who care for patients admitted to local hospitals, including outpatient care (with a maximum of two assistants per patient)
c) patients who represent hospital care in outpatient care
d) students of the University of Florence

The city tax is discounted 50% in the following cases:
a) groups of lower and upper secondary schools in Florence on a teaching visit;
b) athletes under the age of 16 years, members of groups participating in sporting events and tournaments organized in collaboration with the Municipal Administration.

What About Extra Services Like A Hotel?

Please consider this:
Our properties for rent are not hotels, agritourisms, B&Bs or similar, and therefore by law, extra services similar to those you may find in these types of accommodations (such as a reception, concierge or security, receiving mail, provision of meals and drinks, cleaning and change of linen during your stay, and amenity kits with soaps etc) are strictly prohibited.

---- > Click here to read our Terms and Conditions

Have additional questions? Need additional feedback? If your questions haven't been answered above, or you would like more detail on anything please do not hesitate to email us! Our email address is and one of our representatives will get back to you at our earliest convenience!

Have additional questions? Need additional feedback?

If your questions haven't been answered above, or you would like more detail on anything please do not hesitate to email us! Our email address is and one of our representatives will get back to you at our earliest convenience!