Apartments Florence was founded in 2007 by a group of determined and passionate professionals and friends: Lorenzo Fagnoni, with his wife Ana, and Niccolò Degli Alessandri.

Today we manage more than 350 exceptionally well located properties in the heart of our beloved Florence and very close to the main attractions, such as the Duomo, Ponte Vecchio, Santa Croce, San Lorenzo, Santo Spirito, Santa Maria Novella: places where every breath you take is rich in history and art. In our portfolio you will also find different solutions, located in less known areas of the city, such as the marvellous panoramic hills of Fiesole and Settignano, for a poetic and tranquil retreat.

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Our commitment

We take pride in not being just an online portal. We take care of you every step of the way: from choosing the right apartment to providing you with information, assistance and customized services for you to enjoy a unique Florentine experience.


Florence is a marvellous city, full of hidden jems and unexpected beautiful places.

Our Staff consists solely of genuine Florentines or adoptive ones who have been living here for a long time, and we all love and cherish our city. That's why you can trust us and our insider tips on which apartment would be a better fit for your desires and needs or which places you should pay a visit to, aside from the main touristic tracks: try our suggested restaurants, events, shops etc., you won't regret it!

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Our apartments are always carefully evaluated and monitored before being included in our offer: that is to always ensure our guests top quality and functionality standards. Every apartment is equipped with prime choice amenities: internet Wi-fi, air conditioning, hair dryer, microwave, kettle, oven, stove top, refrigerator, washing machine, TV and a fully equipped kitchen. We also constantly gather feedbacks and observations from our clients to be sure we fully meet your each and every need.

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Our goal is to never make you feel alone. We offer a careful, customized and dedicated service from the very beginning of the booking process: contact us and we'll be sure to offer you the best solutions to match your requests and expectations, from short to long term stays.

Once you arrive in Florence, we will take care of you during your whole stay:

  • during check-in process, our staff will give you all the information you need about the apartment and how to get around in the city;
  • we grant you our support to help solve whatever issue may arise between you and the landlord. We offer 24/7 assistance in case of problems with rent payment or property utilization, as well as providing an emergency phone number for maintenance troubles or night-time emergencies.

We are here for you! You'll find us in Borgo Albizi 15, in the very heart of Florence.

Our work for Guests satisfaction

With more than 700 independent reviews, our guests have always emphasized their satisfaction and appreciation for our work and our properties.

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Our work for Owners satisfaction

So many owners have chosen us over time and keep entrusting us with their properties, knowing what dedication and attention we pour into our work.

Choosing the option “We Take Care Of You”, Apartments Florence will be in charge of every detail of property management, from promotion to sale, from check-in to cleaning service.

Alternatively, the landlord can choose to manage check-ins and cleaning services himself, leaving to us the promotion and sales process.

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Apartments Florence Srl is Rental Exclusive Partner of KNIGHT FRANK TUSCANY

Knight Frank Tuscany - a leading company in selling luxury real estate in Tuscany - has the new ability to offer short and long term rentals in Florence and wider Tuscany by partnering with us by sharing our vast portfolio of available properties for rent.

Furthermore, Knight Frank Tuscany and Apartments Florence Srl, with our branch Apartments Florence Real Estate, also collaborate in the real estate market, through the exchange of properties in portfolios and the sharing of contacts in order to offer the best real estate consulting experience in Florentine and Tuscan area.

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Our Team

Lorenzo Fagnoni

After an important experience working for an American corporation, he has loved every moment working in Apartments Florence, which he founded with his wife Ana and his friends Niccolò and Matteo.
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Niccolò Degli Alessandri

Worked for a notorious bank in Florence for many years, but then decided to follow his true calling for interior design and combine it with customer care and hospitality. He fights the good fight against "granny's old furniture" alongside his friends and associates, and with the company of Pippo the Valiant.


Special Projects Agent 007
Passionate about travel & passionate about Florence. From the Australian beaches to the City of London and Museums of Florence, with pit-stops in over 50 countries, Nick enjoys life as a journey, not a destination. Self confessed workaholic that prefers his Martini shaken and not stirred, Nick is our Corporate Mr Fix-It.


Real Estate Consultant
From biology to property management, the step is... short! Here is our house doctor :)


Sales Team Leader
An original Florentine guy who studied in America. Just imagine the most famous University in the States... He went there! Then he came back here, because you know.... Florence is Florence! You can never forget your first love...


Sales Team
Young, elegant, efficient: this is Eugenio, from Florence to Boston and back!


Sales Team
From Venezuela for the love of Italy!


Sales Team
Was born and raised in Greece, but transfered to Florence to study. She loves architecture and meeting new people. She chose to remain in Italy because she found her dream job!


Sales Team
Half Italian, half south-american: this is Laura, our creative and determined red-haired girl!


Check-In and Maintenance Manager
Our personal MacGyver, he's the youngest in Apartments Florence's family. He's always on a mission to help all of our guests with their troubles...


Check-In Staff

Cesar Alias Cesare

Maintenance Staff
Cesar - Cesare for Italian friends - is a member of Apartments Florence's staff from the very beginning. Today he runs the daily maintenance operations for our apartments.


Marketing&Communication Manager
Loves Florence since he was born. In his childhood he dreamt to become a copywriter in advertising, but also a soccer player or an astronaut. He's now the head of marketing and communication for Apartments Florence.


Revenue Manager
Adoptive Florentine. Passionate about electro music. Favourite sport? Basketball. Always been a tourism-lover!


Social Media Manager & Copywriter
Our eyes on the social world! She writes, takes photos, talks, tweets, posts, plays, sings and dances! What else?!?!


Loves reading adventure books and taking pictures. She wishes to know and meet people from every corner of the world. She handles administration and front desk for Apartments Florence.


Interior Designer
Her favourite song: Messico e Nuvole (Mexico and Clouds). Because - needless to say - she comes from North America. She speaks spanish, english, italian and she's able to give you invaluable piece of advice on how to decorate or re-design your apartment!


Real Estate Agent
Experience, reliability, know-how, listening to needs. These are the core values of our Real Estate branch.


Real Estate Agent
Experience, reliability, know-how, listening to needs. These are the core values of our Real Estate branch.


Real Estate Agent
Experience, reliability, know-how, listening to needs. These are the core values of our Real Estate branch.

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